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Tosin Bee – Oba Iyanu

Tosin Bee Oba Iyanu

Tosin Bee – Oba Iyanu

Sensational gospel singer, Tosin Bee has dropped a song for the year titled, Oba Iyanu.

Oba Iyanu is a Yoruba, Nigerian language when translated in English means ‘King Of Wonders’ or ‘God Of wonders’ as  in the context of the song.

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‘If we shout out praises, it will never be enough to express how Mighty our God is. Be lifted as you listen to Oba Iyanu, which means Wonderful King”. 

However, in Oba Iyanu Tosin expresses gratitude to God for all the wonderful things He did in 2021 and also 2022 so far.

In addition the song was accompanied with a video directed by Gift Edah for Rayvolution Media.

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Tosin Bee Oba Iyanu Lyrics

Alagbara to ju ara o (The Powerful One beyond thunder)
Alagbara to ju ara lo (The Powerful One greater than thunder)
Oba iyanu (Wonderful King)
Onise iyanu (Wonder Working God)
Oloruko iyanu (Wonderful Name)
Ogbe ogo (Lifter of Glory)
Kari ogo (Glory upon Glory)
Lati nu ogo (from Glory )
Lo sinu ogo (to Glory)

Ologo didan (The One with the Shining Glory)
Oba aiku (Immortal King)
Oba a i sha (King that can never fade away)
Oba ai di baje (Incorruptible King)
Mimo mimo ninu awon orun (Holy Holy in the heavenlies)

Okele kabiti (The Big Morsel)
Okele kabiti (The Big Morsel)
Okele kabiti tin kalasheju laya (The Big Morsel that chokes the troublesome)
Aki ikitan eledumare (The One whose praise is unending)
Asiwaju ogun lalo (Warrior that leads the battle front)
Akeyin (The One behind)
Akeyin ogun labo (The One behind after a war)
Eleda (Creator)
Aseda (Maker of man)
Aweda (Keeper of man)
Ameda (Moulder of man)
Kiniun eya Judah (Lion of the tribe of Judah)
Obirikiti ajipojo iku da (The One who cancels death)

Awogba arun ma gbeje (The One that heals without taking blood)
Awogba arun ma gbeje (The One that heals without taking any commitment)
Alaafin ajobo (The One the while world adore)
Alagbala adewure
Aranni banishe (Unusual Helper)
Oranmo nishe faya ti (Unusual Supporter)
Olowo gbogboro (The One with the Mighty Hand)
Atobi tan (The Biggest)
Adara tan (The Perfect One)
Atofise ogun ran (The Great Warrior)
Gbangba Gbangba (Big God)
Kabiti kabiti (Large God)
Janran janran (Awesome God)
Fenfe fenfe (Big God)
Fogo shola
Fina shasho ibora (clothed in fire)
Olowo ina (Hand of fire)
Oloju ina (Eyes of fire)
Alagbada ina (clothed in fire)
Owo kembe rebi ija
Wo giri mogiri (destroyer and rebuilder)

Olagiri ka ka
Olagiri ka ka
Olagiri ka ka ka ka
Olagiri ka ka ka ka
Olagiri ka ka ka ka ka ka

Somebody give Him Praise
Somebody give Him Praise
To greatest
To the Lord of Lords

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