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Minister GUC – Ikechi

Minister GUC Ikechi

Minister GUC – Ikechi

Renowned gospel singer, Minister GUC has dropped a spirit filled song titled, Ikechi.

Ikechi is an Igbo Nigerian language which means Power Of God when translated to English.

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However, according to Minister GUC talking about the single had this to say;

”In a world full of chaos and uncertainty, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by our own weakness and powerlessness. But there is one source of strength that never fails, God’s power.

Ikechi (The power of God) is that song that highlights the omnipotent nature of God in our lives. His ability to create, sustain, and intervene out of nothingness.

In diverse ways, we have experienced the divine power of God and can’t help but acknowledge that truly God is the source of our strength and the strength of our lives.

As scripture says in Acts 17:28
For in him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, For we are also his offspring.
No matter what tribulations may come our way we have the comfort of knowing that God is powerful. While our weaknesses will sometimes leave us feeling discouraged, deflated, and defeated, it is essential never to forget the assurance we have in the power of God. “


Ah ah ah ah (4×)
Ike ike oh (power of God)
Ike oh.. ike (power of God)
Ike ikechi(the power of God)
Ike oh ..ike (power of God)

Ike oh.. ike(power of God) 2x

We will sing
We will shout
God’s power is here
To deliver

We proclaim, in your name
Your power is here,
to sustain us

Ike ike oh (power of God)
Ike ikechi (power of God) 2X
Ike oh… (power of God)
Ike ike oh… ike oh (power of God)…3×

When my strength has failed me
And I can’t carry on
Ikechi shows up( the power of God shows up)

When my gaze is weary
And I can’t stand on my own
Ikechi shows up( the power of God shows up)

Gwanun onyè dika chim onyè nwèndu(tell me who is like God.the owner of like)

O nweghi onye ozor(There is no one like you)
Gwanum onyè dike chim aka giuwa(Tell me who is like God,the one who holds the world)
O nweghi onye ozor(There is no one like)
Ike oh (The power of God)

Ike ike oh…ike oh ( The power of God) 2X
Ike ike
Ike ikechi


Listen to Minister GUC Ikechi and share your thoughts below.

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