Victoria Orenze – Find Me Worthy

Victoria Orenze Find Me Worthy

Victoria Orenze – Find Me Worthy

Sensational gospel singer and songwriter, Victoria Orenze has released a song titled, Find Me Worthy.

Find Me Worthy is one song I have listened to the most and still listen to very often. It is a song that is dear to my journey with Christ. It is my everyday prayer!

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You don’t have to be a powerful prophet or pastor to be used by God. God uses everyday people who are willing and avail themselves for His use to the glory of His name, people who willingly be His extension on the earth. We will be remembered and rewarded for what we did on the earth. God’s kingdom has to be established on the earth through men.

The Bible is full of people who were found worthy by God to carry out His plan on the earth.
God is always recruiting, God is always searching for people;

Are you ready for God?
Will you be willing?
Will you avail yourself?
Will He find you worthy?

Listen to Victoria Orenze Find Me Worthy and share your thoughts below.

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